How did you become a photographer?

The passion for photography as a way to document our lives runs in the family. An entire corner of my office is filled with old cameras handed down from generation to generation. One oft them still has a bullet stuck inside – that camera saved my great grandfather’s life during World War II. My grandpa has been working on creating a family archive of countless photographs dating as far back as the 1920s.  I grew up with slideshows of those family photos during regular reunions and each time, the images served as a springboard for lively storytelling and reminicing. In this way, I internalized very early on the priceless value of photographs as a documentation of family history. Without them, our memories fade and we forget the important details that are only visible in a photograph.

I’ve been documenting my own life since early childhood –  but rather than on myself, my main focus of interest has always been on the people I met along the way. I was lucky to encounter a very inspiring photography teacher as a teenager in California, who remains a close friend and critic today. He encouraged me from the very beginning, to turn my hobby into a profession. When I returned to Germany, I studied cultural studies and documentary photography – always true to my goal of documenting stories.

How did you end up documenting weddings?

That fell into place when I moved from Berlin out to the country side, got married and had children. During my photography studies I had been asked here and there by friends to document their weddings. But it wasn’t until I was a bride myself, that I truly discovered the value (and the joy!) of wedding photography. In hindsight, I am incredibly thankful for the turn of events that led me here because now I cannot imagine a more beautiful and suitable profession for myself. I love completely immersing myself into every family story I am entrusted with.  And I find it so rewarding to witness the emotional spectrum and all those stories unfolding in the course of a wedding day. On top that, I think there is a hardly a job where you get to work with such happy and thankful people, who often become dear friends.

Who do you most enjoy shooting?

I really enjoy working with people who are actually camera shy. Perhaps because I know only too well what that feels like/ or am very empathetic to that...
Also because they tend to trust me more to capture the most beautiful pictures in the spur of moment, rather than trying too hard to stage themselves in front of the camera. 

We are a little afraid a photographer could disturb the intimacy of our wedding...

I understand that fear very well. You are hoping for professional photos of very personal moments that you wouldn’t normally share with a stranger. That’s why it’s so important for me to get to know each other before I take my camera out. I want you to have the opportunity to make sure you feel comfortable around me.

I also consider it only natural as a photographer to stay in the background as much as possible and not attract too much attention. That means I come to your wedding alone, dressed approprietly and carrying only the most neccessary equipment. I don’t use a flash, I will not interrupt any conversations or give anyone directions on how to position themselves. I will document you as you are. It won’t feel as though a professional photographer is present – just another friend with a camera.

How many photos can we expect?

All that belong to your story. Depending on how much time I get to spend with you, I guarantee a minium amount between 150 pictures for the small reportages and 350 for the longer ones. Minimum amount means that if a lot more pictures of your wedding turn out than expected, you will get them all!  They are your wedding photos and I will not hold them ransom for an extra fee!

I am very thoughtful about selecting images and consider this careful editing process a core part of my job. No one wants to see a boring slideshow of endless images that repeat themselves.

What's the investment?

An 8 hour coverage starts at 1800,- Euros. Shorter reportages are also availible on weekdays as well as larger open end packages at any time. Just get in touch and I’d be happy to send you my pricelist and all other information.

More questions?

You can call me anytime or send me an Email. I’m more than happy to answer any question you might have.

I have two little kids running around and making a lot of noise, so I may not always be able to answer the phone right away but I’ll be sure to call you back as soon as I can reach a quiet spot :)