I am passionate about documenting life as it unfolds to create images that matter. I want to take pictures of you the way you are.

Theresa Lange

Theresa Lange

born in 1987 in East Germany

grew up in California

BA in Cultural Studies in Frankfurt (Oder)

studied photography in Berlin

I now live out on the country side with my husband and our two little sons

Welcome! I’m Theresa. Photograpy is my language and I’m passionate about honest and empathetic storytelling. Life as it unfolds is so much more beautiful and moving than I could ever stage. I find there is more joy in things as they are.

Ever since I picked up my first camera, one particular subject has always held my fascination: the connection between people. And how that connection becomes visible in small, fleeting moments that often go unnoticed.  I capture those moments - creating images that tell a story about people, their emotions and relationships...even generations later.

I’m grateful that I was able to turn this passion into a job I truly love. It’s an incredibly rewarding feeling to contribute a lasting piece to a family’s history.  And of course I love my own little family and our quiet life in an old manor that my husband rebuild from ruins, out on the country side where time passes much slower somehow.